Project Description

Calcium Chloride Plant

Applications of Calcium Chloride

Oil and gas drilling
Ice and snow melting
Road construction & maintenance
Tire Weighting
Paper Manufacture
Air and gases drying

Calcium Chloride


Waste HCl & Calcium Chloride Plant

Calcium Chloride exists in the form of flake, granule, pellet, powder with different concentrations. A lot of industrial customers are suffering from the continuous output of hydrochloric acid, which are produced in their producing facilities(SOP Plant, Soda Ash Plant, ECH plant and etc.). KAPSOM provides best solutions to use waste hydrochloric acid to react with limestone, which is of low value, to produce calcium chloride solution. The solution might be dried and granulated to calcium chloride granules, Pellets or crushed into powders.

KAPSOM is one leading turnkey project company for calcium chloride plants. We have supplied over 60 sets of calcium chloride plants in China and overseas. Supported by a professional team consists of engineers in industrial salt field over 20 years, we are continuously developing innovative solutions for the calcium chloride industry. With modern fabrication facility for calcium chloride plant equipment and machinery, we supply safe, smart and efficient plants at optimum costs within stipulated time.

KAPSOM’s featured Solutions for Calcium Chloride Plants


Basic engineering design(BED) includes process flow diagram, preliminary P&ID, preliminary plot plan and etc. Front End Engineering Design (FEED) includes data sheets of main equipment, process and utility piping and instrument diagrams released for detail engineering. Detail Engineering design(DED) includes thermal rating of heat exchangers, P&ID released for construction, isometric piping drawings, vendor drawings and etc.

  • Basic Engineering Design
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • Detail Engineering Design

Strict Quality Control

ASME Section IV, II, V may be chosen as the fabrication standard. Siemens redundant PLC and ABB VFD might be chosen to construct a smart control system. During the equipment fabrication period, SGS or BV inspection could be carried out as per the client’s requirements to strengthen quality control.

  • ASME manufacture standards
  • Smart control system
  • 3rd party inspection


Installation, Commissioning and training

Technical services, covering supervison of installation and commissioning, will be provided to the client. Our experts will supervise the schedule and progress for installation, commissioning and start-up. After the completion of guaranteed test running(GTR), we will train the owner’s staff till they may operate the plant smoothly.

  • Mechanical installation and electrical wiring
  • Commissioning and guaranteed test running
  • Training the project owner’s staff

Parameters of KAPSOM’s Calcium Chloride Plants

Product Purity94%, 95%,96%, 97%
Pellet Size1~4mm
Feed StockLimestone & HCl, CaCl2 Solution
Fuel Coal, Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel, Gasoline, Steam
Fuel Consumption~450kg Standard Coal/MT Product
Power Consumption<150kW/MT Product

Market Share of Our CaCl2 Plant Plants in China


Typical Projects

5MTPH 94% CaCl2 Plant(Canada)
5MT/hr 94% CaCl2 Plant (Contracted in Feb.,2015), Link for Project Details
5MTPH 95% CaCl2 Plant(India)
5MT/hr 95% CaCl2 Plant (Contracted in Dec.,2010), Link for Project Details
2.5MTPH 96% CaCl2 Plant(India)
2.5MT/hr 96% CaCl2 Plant (Contracted in Oct.,2014), Link for Project Details