Project Description

Natural gas steam reforming hydrogen generating plant

Hydrogen is widely used nowadays. Major current uses of the commercially produced hydrogen are for oil refining, where hydrogen is used for hydro-treating of crude oil as part of the refining process to improve the hydrogen to carbon ratio of the fuel, food production (e.g., hydrogenation), treating metals, and producing ammonia for fertilizer and other industrial uses.

There are four main hydrogen production process as listed below:

  • Steam methane reforming(SMR)
  • Gasification of coal and other hydrocarbon
  • Biomass gasification
  • Water electrolysis

Steam reforming of natural gas is the most prevalent method of hydrogen production.

Applications of Hydrogen

Petrochemical Industry
Electronic Industry
Float Glass Production
Food Processing Industry
Aviation & New Energy



Parameters of KAPSOM’s Natural Gas Steam Reforming Hydrogen Generating Plant

Hydrogen Purity99%~99.9999%
Feed GasNatural Gas
Fuel Natural Gas or others to be specified
Production Cost of H2(USD/Nm3)0.07~0.15
Equipment TypeStationary and Skid-mounted

Referenced SMR/PSA Hydrogen Plants in Past 10 Years



Typical Projects

700Nm3/hr Natural Gas Steam Reforming Hydrogen Generating Plant in the Middle East
700Nm3/hr 99.99% Steam Reforing Hydrogen Generating Plant (Contracted in Dec.,2009), Link for Project Details