Project Description

Sulfuric Acid Plant

Applications of Sulfuric Acid

Metallurgy Industry
Medicine Industry
Military Industry
Dye Industry
Petroleum Industry


Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid Plant

Sulfuric acid is type of common used inorganic chemicals. It’s widely used as raw materials for fertilizers, medicines, metal pickling, explosives production, dye production and etc. KAPSOM provides well-proven solutions to modern sulfuric acid plant.

KAPSOM is one leading engineering company in inorganic chemical industry. With patented process licenses, KAPSOM has supplied over 100 sets of industrial chemical plants in Europe, North America, Middle East, India and etc.

Sulfuric Acid Production Process


KAPSOM’s featured Solutions for Sulfuric Acid Plant


Basic engineering design(BED) includes process flow diagram, preliminary P&ID, preliminary plot plan and etc. Front End Engineering Design (FEED) includes data sheets of main equipment, process and utility piping and instrument diagrams released for detail engineering. Detail Engineering design(DED) includes thermal rating of heat exchangers, P&ID released for construction, isometric piping drawings, vendor drawings and etc.

  • Basic Engineering Design
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • Detail Engineering Design

Strict Quality Control

ASME Section IV, II, V may be chosen as the fabrication standard. Siemens redundant PLC and ABB VFD might be chosen to construct a smart control system. During the equipment fabrication period, SGS or BV inspection could be carried out as per the client’s requirements to strengthen quality control.

  • ASME manufacture standards
  • Smart control system
  • 3rd party inspection


Installation, Commissioning and training

Technical services, covering supervison of installation and commissioning, will be provided to the client. Our experts will supervise the schedule and progress for installation, commissioning and start-up. After the completion of guaranteed test running(GTR), we will train the owner’s staff till they may operate the plant smoothly.

  • Mechanical installation and electrical wiring
  • Commissioning and guaranteed test running
  • Training the project owner’s staff

Parameters of KAPSOM’s Sulfuric Acid Plant

Production Capacity10,000MTPA up to 1,000,000MTPA
Feed StockSulfur, Pyrite or H2S/SO2 Off Gas;
ProcessDouble Contact, Double Absorption;
Emission Limit (SO2)Less than 400mg/Nm3.

Rate of  Sulfur Burning Sulfuric Acid Plant


Typical Projects

100,000MTPA Sulfuric Acid Plant (Tadzhikistan)
Sulfur burning sulfuric acid plant, Double contact double absorption; 
550,000MTPA Sulfuric Acid Plant (China)
200,oooMTPA from pyrite and 350,oooMTPA from sulfur;
600,000MTPA Sulfuric Acid Plant (China)
Sulfur burning sulfuric acid plant, Double contact double absorption;