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Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to enhancing the communities where we work and live. Our support activities, including the efforts of our employee volunteers, are focused on initiatives that offer meaningful and lasting benefits to our planet.

KAPSOM is engaged in community support through two main avenues: philanthropy and active participation in worldwide green decarbonization efforts. These initiatives align with our goal to create a more efficient and sustainable world.

Our contributions have led to practical and impactful solutions for reducing global carbon emissions. We’ve assisted regions like West Africa, the Middle East, India, and South America in launching green energy production demonstration projects. These initiatives position KAPSOM as a supportive and motivational partner, fostering the growth of both our company and our employees.

2023 KAPSOM Sunshine Student Assistance Activity

On February 2,2023,KAPSOM’s 2023 New Year Sunshine Student Assistance Action arrived in Jiangbei New Area,Nanjing,and entered a povertystricken family in need of help due to sudden changes.In order to select children who truly urgently need assistance,we investigate and verify their learning,daily performance,and family status through various channels.

KAPSOM Provides Material Assistance For Flood Relief In Henan

Since July 17, 2022, Henan has suffered extremely heavy rainfall and severe flood conditions. Heavy rains have threatened the lives and property safety of local residents. Local production and life have been shut down due to heavy rains, and rescue is in urgent need. The disaster affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. KAPSOM quickly contacted the relevant departments in Henan to discuss donations. After understanding the situation, our company decided to provide assistance to Junxian County, Hebi City, Henan Province, which was severely affected by the disaster.

KAPSOM Provides Epidemic Prevention Materials To Severely Affected Areas

At this critical moment when foreign epidemic prevention materials were severely lacking, KAPSOM acted upon hearing the news and rushed to help. He immediately organized himself and sounded the “assembly call” to help his neighbors fight the epidemic. Boxes of protective supplies carry our full concerns and concerns.