ACHEMA 2024-P2X Solution

ACHEMA 2024 is over – but the P2X goes on.
You will find some highlights from our trade fair and further information.
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At the 2024 ACHEMA exhibition, KAPSOM, as an important player in the global green energy field, showcased its leading green energy solutions. During the exhibition, KAPSOM showcased its innovative green and low-carbon energy products and technologies to visitors from 141 countries around the world at booth C86 in Hall 6.

KAPSOM focuses on developing the most advanced green energy technologies. This exhibition showcased its latest generation of green ammonia units, ammonia cracking units and green methanol units. It is particularly worth mentioning that the latest generation of green ammonia units and low-temperature, intelligent systems and high-efficiency ammonia cracking equipment that debuted at the exhibition not only achieved efficient conversion of green hydrogen energy, but also maximized the energy conversion process through closed-loop design, solving the problems of difficult transportation and storage of hydrogen energy.

The KAPSOM team sincerely thanks all visitors for their strong interest and positive feedback in its green energy solutions. We look forward to further in-depth cooperation with global industry partners to jointly explore and promote innovative applications of green energy technologies and contribute more to the development of global green energy.

Impressions from our booth at ACHEMA 2024

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Exhibit introduction

Green Ammonia: The Answer To A More Sustainable Future

KAPSOM has successfully designed and constructed the world’s first green ammonia plant since 2021. We continue to develop and design. KAPSOM’s latest generation of green ammonia equipment has a small, integrated, intelligent, one-stop solution for green ammonia plants. Green ammonia is not only the potential of a carbon-free energy carrier, but also an important pillar for achieving future green development.

Green Methonal: Energizing the Future of Sustainable Fuels

KAPSOM is committed to developing innovative electronic methanol technology, which features extremely low energy consumption. It uses the most advanced low-energy consumption technology to lead the sustainable development of the green methanol industry and maximize energy utilization. Green methanol is a low-carbon liquid fuel and a promising alternative to fossil fuels in areas where decarbonization faces major challenges.

Ammonia Craking: Opening the Global Hydrogrn Energy Market.

KAPSOM’s ammonia craking has the advantages of low temperature, high efficiency and low cost. It is a high-purity hydrogen that meets the needs of high-tech fields such as hydrogen energy, nuclear energy, and semiconductors. It is also a key step in achieving global decarbonization, realizing the closed loop of the green ammonia-hydrogen industry, and helping to achieve the global green energy transformation goal.

Our Event

Nothing can replace the experience of meeting face to face. Stay tuned for our next event!

March 31, 2025 – April 4, 2025

Europe, Germany

Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2025

A professional trade exhibition focusing on hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and transportation, fuel cell systems, and applications.