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Blue Ammonia: Your Solution for a Cleaner Planet.


KAPSOM’s cryogenic purifier syngas technology is recognized as the most cost-effective method for producing high-purity synthesis gas in ammonia manufacturing. This technology efficiently removes impurities like methane and argon from syngas, using excess nitrogen for stripping while also adjusting the hydrogen to nitrogen (H2/N2) ratio to 3.

Additionally, KAPSOM’s reforming exchanger system presents an opportunity to reform up to 30% of the total natural gas fed into the plant. This is achieved by utilizing the high-temperature process waste heat from the secondary reformer (or auto-thermal reformer), thus reducing the need to burn additional fuel.

Proprietary Reforming Exchanger System

Effluent gas from the ATR/secondary reformer provides heat for driving the reforming reaction occurring inside the catalyst-filled reforming tubes;

Tubes are open-ended and hang from a single tube sheet at the inlet cold end to minimize expansion problems ; Easy load through a removable top head;

Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage(CCUS)

The global community is currently undergoing a rapid shift towards decarbonization and net-zero goals, aiming for a significant reduction of 7 gigatons per annum in carbon emissions by 2050. This marks the dawn of the carbon capture, utilization, and storage(CCUS)era. Stricter climate objectives, increasina expectations from stakeholders, and new financial incentives are placing CCUS at the forefront of the net-zero transition.

At KAPSOM, our commitment is to a future with lower carbon emissions. Utilizing our specialized knowledge, we provide the necessary CCUS technologies and solutions to assist our clients in their decarbonization efforts. Our global services enable you to effectively seize opportunities for reducing carbon footprints, employing low-carbon energy solutions, and achieving net-zero targets across various industries.