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Cutting-Edge Unveiling: KAPSOM Launches Third-Generation Green Ammonia Plant

In the context of the global push for carbon emission reduction, green ammonia is gaining increasing traction as an environmentally friendly, clean energy source. Currently, the global production of ammonia is approximately 253 million tons, with 98% derived from fossil fuels. Its carbon emissions account for 1.8% of global emissions, making it a significant contributor to global carbon output. Ammonia, as a crucial raw material for global fertilizer production, is essential for maintaining global food production. However, the traditional coal chemical process for producing ammonia inevitably results in large emissions of carbon dioxide, contradicting global emission reduction goals. Therefore, green ammonia, with its significant advantage of “zero carbon emission”, is rapidly rising in the energy market and gradually occupying the “C ”position.

In the field of green ammonia equipment, KAPSOM has established a solid presence through its profound technical expertise and extensive project experience. Since 2017, our company has been researching and developing small-scale, intelligent, containerized green ammonia units to meet the growing demand across various industries for low-emission solutions and transition towards sustainable development. KAPSOM has successfully delivered the world’s first set of green ammonia units and has subsequently undertaken the first green ammonia demonstration projects in regions including the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Leveraging low-cost green energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro power, we produce carbon-neutral fuels. Meanwhile, we continue to invest resources in technology development, resulting in multiple patents related to green ammonia equipment.

3.0 green ammonia plant

KAPSOM has always adhered to the cultural concept of “innovation, change, and win-win cooperation”. In 2023, the third-generation green ammonia device independently developed and designed by KAPSOM breaks through the technical barriers of the first and second generations, continues to innovate, and improves the problems of the previous device’s large footprint and low level of integration, greatly improving the efficiency of the device. Intelligent and modular application level.

The third-generation green ammonia equipment adopts the intelligent system (Smart system) independently developed by our company. The front-end power supply system is equipped with an IGBT power supply and a green ammonia device control system that are more suitable for the high volatility of green electricity to achieve the purpose of flexible ammonia production. The system realizes real-time flow chart monitoring and remote terminal operation, and can provide a basis for prediction of on-site emergencies, thus improving the stability and safety of equipment operation. Adding hydrogen-nitrogen accumulation proportion control to the control system enables on-site plug-and-play of the green ammonia device control system, thereby improving ammonia synthesis efficiency and improving the accuracy of accident analysis.

In actual operation, considering the instability of the front-end green power source, in order to achieve low load and low power consumption operation at night, the third-generation green ammonia equipment added a bypass system to achieve 7×24 uninterrupted stable operation. The system can cover the fluctuation range of 30% to 100%, perfectly coupling intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydropower, and significantly improving operational stability.

green ammonia equipment

In terms of cost, our third-generation green ammonia equipment adopts a modular design. Through the design of distributed and integrated green ammonia devices, our products can meet the characteristics of scattered green power distribution, remote project locations and inconvenient transportation, further reducing cost issues caused by transportation, on-site operations and site restrictions.

KAPSOM will adhere to the concepts of innovation, optimization and self-revolution, and constantly update and iterate new products to create technologies and products that better meet customer expectations. In the later stage, we will continue to collect green ammonia data in operation and conduct in-depth analysis of the impact of green electricity fluctuations on the device to optimize the process flow and reactor structure of the green ammonia equipment and fully comprehensively recover and utilize the reaction heat. At the same time, we are committed to promoting the development of the device in a highly intelligent and unmanned direction, focusing on providing customers with the most professional green ammonia equipment technology and product solutions.

For more information about KAPSOM and its initiatives, please contact dongling@kapsom.com.

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