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Low Power Consumption

KAPSOM is committed to developing innovative electronic methanol technology, a distinctive feature of which is extremely low energy consumption. We lead the sustainable development of the electronic methanol industry and optimize energy utilization to the extreme by adopting the most advanced low-energy technology.

Throughout the production process, we carefully design and integrate advanced energy-saving equipment and intelligent control systems to minimize power consumption. Not only does this help increase productivity and reduce operating costs, it is also consistent with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

By finely regulating the power requirements of our production equipment, we ensure that we produce high-quality e-methanol while maintaining extremely low power consumption. This low-energy design concept not only helps reduce the dependence of the production process on electricity resources, but also has a positive impact on the company’s sustainability and environmental protection goals.

Efficient and Durable Innovative Catalyst

With its excellent structural design, long life cycle, precise size, high specific surface area and uniform packing density, KAPSOM’s innovative catalysts provide reliable catalytic support for industrial production processes and demonstrate excellent performance in multiple application fields.

Structural stability

KAPSOM’s innovative catalyst uses spherical caps designed at both ends to maintain structural stability during the working process.


The service life can reach 3 to 5 years, which reduces the frequency of catalyst replacement, improves production efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs.

Accurate dimensions Suitable for various industrial reactors to better meet the needs of specific production processes.
High specific surface area lt has a large specific surface area of more than 60m2/g±10 m2/g, which helps to increase the contact area between the catalyst and the reactants, thus improving the catalytic efficiency and reaction rate.
Uniform bulk density It has a uniform bulk density of 1.2 kg/L±0.05kg/L, ensuring structural stability and controllability in industrial operations. This helps ensure that the catalyst is evenly distributed in the reactor, improving the consistency of catalytic results.

Maximum Operational Flexibility

KAPSOM’s electronic methanol technology focuses on maximizing operational flexibility to meet the diverse needs of customers and adapt to changing market conditions. We understand that flexibility is one of the keys to success in the energy industry, so we consider maximizing operational flexibility as one of our core design principles.

Our electronic methanol system uses advanced control and automation technology to allow real-time monitoring and adjustment of various parameters in the production process. This real-time feedback mechanism allows the system to quickly adapt to production changes, providing optimal performance. In addition, our system also supports the switching of multiple operating modes and production scales, allowing customers to adjust production plans according to actual needs and achieve a greater degree of flexibility.

In addition, we design with integration into other production equipment and systems in mind to ensure our e-methanol technology is compatible with existing industrial infrastructure, providing customers with a seamless integration experience. This integration not only improves the overall performance of the system, but also provides more room for future upgrades and expansions.

By maximizing operational flexibility, KAPSOM’s electronic methanol technology aims to provide customers with smarter, more efficient and sustainable production solutions, helping them stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Features Of Main Unit

4.6~5.5 kWh/Nm3 (DC) Hydrogen
Single Set Maximum Capacity
1000 Nm3/h (stable operation)
Service Life: 160,000 hours
Low and Medium Pressure Reaction 3.0~5.0 MPa
10-1,200kt/a: Single Series Design
Temperature Easy Control, Convenient & Effective
Temperature Easy Control, Convenient & Effective
Black Cylinder With Spherical Caps of Two Ends (CuO, ZnO and Al2O3)
Service Life: 3~5 years
Specific Surface Area: >60m2/g
Bulk Density: 1.2 kg/L±0.05kg/L