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Exploring New Horizons of Green Ammonia Between KAPSOM Green Energy and Tolero Renewables

In a significant move towards sustainable energy solutions, KAPSOM Green Energy’s technical service team visited Tolero Renewables in Semarang, Indonesia, on February 5, 2024. This visit marked a pivotal step in the collaboration between the two companies, focusing on discussing the innovative biomass hydrogen production project in Michigan, USA, targeting an annual green ammonia production of 20,000 tons.

Kapsom visited Tolero Renewables of biomass

Tolero Renewables, a frontrunner in the development and supply of bio-based chemicals, is committed to revolutionizing the petrochemical industry by replacing conventional materials with renewable feedstocks. Leveraging its proprietary rapid pyrolysis technology, Tolero has created a scalable modular platform that facilitates the cost-effective production of a diverse range of products, including activated carbon, renewable chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and food flavorings, all derived from biomass.

exploring green ammonia between Kapsom and Tolero Renewables

The upcoming green ammonia project in Michigan epitomizes the synergy between biomass processing and advanced technology innovation. The project is at the forefront of green hydrogen production using a novel method of producing green hydrogen from biomass. This approach not only minimizes carbon emissions but also bypasses the need for intermediate energy storage, thereby reducing costs and energy conversion losses. These advances are consistent with the goals of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act and are expected to provide strong support for the program.

The recent visit facilitated a comprehensive discussion on the project’s roadmap and fostered a deeper mutual understanding of its strategic importance and execution plan. Both parties are committed to laying a solid foundation for our partnership, with plans for further exchanges and collaborations.

exploring green ammonia between Kapsom and Tolero Renewables in Bali

For more information about KAPSOM and its initiatives, please contact dongling@kapsom.com.

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