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Good News! KAPSOM Secures Another National Utility Model Patent, Leading Innovation in Energy-Saving for Green Ammonia Plants

Recently, our application for the “Combined Energy-Saving Electric Heater for Green Ammonia Units” has been successfully granted by the National Intellectual Property Office, with patent number ZL 2023 2 2788609.7.

green ammonia

As many countries globally actively pursue strategies for “carbon neutrality” and “low-carbon energy” , green ammonia has emerged as a significant focus within the realm of green, low-carbon energy sources. However, operational challenges such as load fluctuations and energy efficiency remain critical concerns for green ammonia facilities. Particularly during periods of low operational loads, traditional resistance heating methods exhibit low energy conversion efficiency. Data indicates that when loads drop below 30%, energy conversion efficiency can fall below 20%, contributing to energy wastage.

To address this issue, KAPSOM research and development team has designed an innovative combination energy-saving electric heater. This heater utilizes a cylindrical shell, internally partitioned into separate chambers, each equipped with PTC ceramic heating and resistance wire heating elements, along with temperature control units and sensors. By flexibly adjusting the combination of heating elements, this device can provide optimal heating effectiveness and energy efficiency based on actual operational loads. It significantly reduces energy consumption, ensuring stable operation of green ammonia facilities.

KAPSOM has been dedicated to technological innovation and the transformation of technical achievements, consistently achieving breakthroughs and advancements in green ammonia synthesis technology. Moving forward, we will continue to deepen our expertise in green ammonia technology, optimize our process flows, enhance product quality, and contribute more to unleashing the potential of green energy.

For more information about KAPSOM and its initiatives, please contact dongling@kapsom.com.

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