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Huadian Heavy Industry’s Hydrogen Energy Division Visited KAPSOM

On March 5, 2023, Mr. Li Zhixue, Deputy General Manager of the Hydrogen Energy Division of China Electric Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., along with his team, visited KAPSOM. They were received by Mr. Yin Mingsong, Manager of the Technical Department at KAPSOM.

The visit mainly involved in-depth discussions and exchanges regarding green ammonia technology, the comprehensive layout of new energy industries, project introductions in progress, and future development cooperation with China Electric Power.

Shenzhen General Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the development and production of key materials for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. It possesses core technologies in the production formula, production process, and core technology of key materials products such as gas diffusion layers, proton exchange membranes, and catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells.

Since entering the hydrogen energy business, China Electric Power Heavy Industry has achieved remarkable results in this field. This includes drafting the “China Electric Power Group Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Pathway”; formulating the hydrogen energy industry plan for Baotou City and the development plan for hydrogen energy utilization by Gansu Power Investment Group; developing a new type of alkaline electrolysis water device, and conducting the first set of demonstrations relying on projects; tracking and promoting hydrogen storage and energy projects for deep peak shaving and flexibility transformation of thermal power.

Since 2018, KAPSOM has also actively expanded its presence in the green chemical industry. In 2020, the “world’s first set of renewable energy hydrogen production, storage, and green ammonia semi-commercialization project” designed by KAPSOM was successfully implemented in collaboration with a renewable energy company in India. This project annually produces over 1500 tons of green ammonia using renewable energy and reduces CO₂ emissions by approximately 6240 tons per year. The device’s key technical indicators have reached international standards, accumulating valuable experience in the development of the entire industry chain of green hydrogen to green ammonia, laying a solid foundation for subsequent market promotion and Capso’s green ammonia manufacturing industry development.

China Electric Power Group strengthens its core technology research and development in the hydrogen energy field through independent innovation and cooperative development. It holds numerous advantages in scientific and technological research and development, industrialization, high-end equipment manufacturing, and the synergistic development of renewable energy and hydrogen energy. This visit lays a good foundation for the future development of KAPSOM and further cooperation between the two parties.


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