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KAPSOM’s Latest Generation of Low-Temperature Metal Membrane Ammonia Cracking Equipment Unveiled

As a zero-emission fuel, hydrogen is considered a key element in achieving a clean energy transition. Consequently, several countries and regions, including the EU, Japan, and South Korea, have formulated hydrogen strategies and invested substantial funds in research and infrastructure development. However, due to the small molecular density of hydrogen, it is prone to leakage and requires high-pressure or cryogenic liquefaction for storage. Existing natural gas pipelines are unsuitable for hydrogen transportation, thus presenting technical challenges for hydrogen storage and transport.

Ammonia Decomposition

To overcome the bottlenecks in hydrogen energy technology and achieve large-scale hydrogen transportation and utilization, an economically feasible method is to convert hydrogen into ammonia (NH3) for transport, and then reconvert it back to hydrogen when needed. This reconversion process can be achieved through ammonia cracking (decomposition) to produce hydrogen. Based on the latest generation of advanced materials, our newly developed ultrapure hydrogen ammonia cracking system offers high hydrogen purity, long service life, compact size, simple operation, and low energy consumption. It effectively removes all impurities other than hydrogen, achieving a hydrogen purity of up to 99.999%. This system will be widely applied in high-tech industries such as semiconductor chip manufacturing, special metallurgy, synthetic diamond production, aerospace, chromatography analysis, defense, and nuclear energy.

Ammonia Decomposition Equipment

The latest generation of KAPSOM’s low-temperature ammonia cracking equipment utilizes its innovative metal membrane low-temperature ammonia decomposition technology to deliver high-purity hydrogen. This system achieves a conversion efficiency of up to 99.999% at operational temperatures between 500 and 600°C, with a load capacity ranging from 30% to 100%. The metal membrane facilitates the integration of hydrogen production and membrane separation, simplifying the process (1+1<2) and suppressing reverse and side reactions, thereby enhancing the conversion efficiency (1+1>2).

Metal Membrane

Ammonia cracking is an endothermic reaction, and commonly used catalysts include nickel-based, ruthenium-based, and iron-based catalysts. Ruthenium-based catalysts are known for their high efficiency and low-temperature catalytic performance, but they are costly. Nickel-based catalysts are suitable for high-temperature conditions (800-850°C), but they are less effective at lower temperatures. Our company has independently developed a noble metal composite membrane that is resistant to high temperature and pressure, combined with the new ZA-5 type Fe1-xO-based low-temperature low-pressure ammonia synthesis catalyst. The ZA-5 catalyst features ease of reduction, high activity, low activation temperature, high mechanical strength, and a wide applicable H2/N2 range. By incorporating the catalyst into the metal membrane module, we have created a membrane catalytic coupling reaction system. This system not only enhances reaction efficiency but also significantly reduces energy consumption and production costs, providing robust technical support for the efficient conversion of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Production

In practical operation, our ammonia decomposition equipment only requires power for the fans and metering pumps, thus demonstrating excellent capability in handling fluctuations in upstream power consumption. Our product is designed to adapt to the dispersed distribution of green energy, remote project locations, and limited accessibility, effectively reducing costs associated with transportation, onsite operations, and site constraints. Additionally, our ammonia decomposition hydrogen production process with metal membrane equipment occupies only 30 square meters, further reducing land use costs and maintenance expenses.

Ammonia Cracking Equipment

“Innovate for Change, Collaborate for Win-Win” – KAPSOM consistently leads the frontier of innovative technological development, continuously iterating and introducing new products to better meet customer expectations. In the future, KAPSOM remains committed to providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent solutions for our customers. We look forward to exploring cutting-edge technologies with more partners, working hand in hand to create a green and prosperous future together.

For more information about KAPSOM and its initiatives, please contact dongling@kapsom.com.

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