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Successful Completion of Urea Process Course Special Training Event by KAPSOM

Competing in a Sea of Possibilities, Setting Sail at the Right Time. To enhance our company’s process engineers’ familiarity and professional competence in urea production processes, KAPSOM organized a specialized urea process course training event on November 2, 2023. Renowned experts provided comprehensive explanations on various aspects, including an overview of urea processes, typical and commonly used parameters, consumption levels, and urea granulation processes.

Li Yaohe, professor-level senior engineer, is specially invited to teach this training. All KAPSOM process engineers and other professionals participated in this training event. During the course of the training, the expert instructors placed special emphasis on the significance of urea and provided a systematic overview of urea, covering its chemical structure, synthesis processes, and its extensive applications in fields such as fertilizers, synthetic fibers, and the chemical industry. While explaining typical urea processes, the expert instructors delved into detailed explanations, incorporating real project cases to illustrate key and challenging aspects. They simplified complex concepts, enabling the participants to truly understand how to tackle potential challenges that may arise during the later stages of urea project execution.

The entire specialized training employed various teaching methods, including theoretical explanations, case analysis, and interactive Q&A sessions, enhancing the effectiveness of information communication and facilitating a better understanding and mastery of the course content for employees. Participants actively engaged in the learning process, taking notes while listening, and raised questions based on practical challenges encountered in their ongoing projects. The expert instructors, with the aid of specific cases and in-depth project analyses, utilized their rich professional knowledge to provide comprehensive answers. Employees who attended the training expressed their appreciation, stating that it not only equipped them with relevant skills in urea process but also deepened their understanding of the entire production process. The instructors successfully integrated theory with practical application, making it a memorable training experience.

We also hope that through specialized training like this, we can empower KAPSOM’s process engineers to enhance their professional abilities, elevate their expertise, stay informed about cutting-edge technologies, and access more career development opportunities. The continuous recruitment and growth of talent are essential means for the company to draw development energy. KAPSOM will consistently build platforms for employee communication and learning, establish rigorous training plans, and spare no effort in creating a highly competent, capable, and high-quality team, in order to deliver an enhanced service experience to our customers.

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