Calcium Chloride Plant

Expert in calcium chloride plant design and construction. KAPSOM’s technology is used in over 50 sets of Calcium Chloride Plants in China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and etc..

Sulfuric Acid Plant

Sulfuric acid plants with annual production capacities from 10,000MT to 1,000,oooMT will be proposed with modern automatic production process. Raw materials are inclusive of elemental sulfur, pyrite or H2S/SO2 off gas from other industrial units.

Hydrogen Generating Plant

Water electrolysis and light hydrocarbon steam reforming will be proposed for clients basing on the scale of hydrogen consumption.




KAPSOM’s engineering package consists of basic engineering, front end engineering design (FEED) and detail engineering. KAPSOM integrates its experienced engineers team, strict engineering management system, and advanced engineering tools to provide modern and efficient engineering solutions to our global customers.

Basic engineering design includes process flow diagram, preliminary P&ID, preliminary plot plan and etc. Front End Engineering Design includes data sheets of main equipment, process and utility piping and instrument diagrams released for detail engineering. Detail Engineering design includes thermal rating of heat exchangers, P&ID released for construction, isometric piping drawings, vendor drawings and etc.

Manufacture & Quality Control


Manufacture and procurement will be started during detail engineering stage. KAPSOM’s factories for equipment manufacture are ASME certificated. Equipment may be ASME stamped as needed. Our international subvendors includes SIEMENS, ABB, SULZER, COLFAX and etc.

KAPSOM’s QC teams will witness all key points during manufacture & procurement as per the Quality Control Plan (QCP).



Upon request from client, KAPSOM may dispatch a skilled installation team to carry out the erection & installation on site. If there is a local installation team, KAPSOM will dispatach engineers for supervision.

Prior to installation, KAPSOM will submit an installation schedule which consists of main activities and key points. With the client’s approval, our supervisor on site will ensure the installation proceeds efficiently.

Commissioning & Training


Based on dozens of successful EPC projects, KAPSOM’s commissioning is featured of safe, reliable and time-saving.

After the completion of commissioning, KAPSOM’s experts will arrange the training of the owner’s staff as per the training schedule. We will help our client’s operators to operate independently and adroitly.



KAPSOM always follows top strict safety and healthy standards. Zero approaching carbon emission is one of the key target in all KAPSOM’s projects.

A complete safety management system is implemented in each stage of a turnkey plant project to ensure no accidents arisen.

Our Global Clients