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KAPSOM Starts Up a New Plant to Supply High-Purity Ammonia in China

KAPSOM announced today the completion of construction of a new ammonia production unit , executed for a state-owned fertilizer group in China. The new Ammonia Synthesis Plant successfully passed performance tests, it operates in the existing fertilizer complex located in Shandong, China.

KAPSOM’s scope of work included Engineering, Supply of Equipment & Materials, Installation Supervision, Commissioning, Start-up, Training of this new plant.

Building on its vast and unique experience, KAPSOM has been developing and optimizing ammonia synthesis technologies for many years. This new Ammonia Synthesis Plant is based on KAPSOM’s latest technology. It has a capacity of 600,000 tonnes per year of high-purity ammonia at 99.99% with an estimated operating life of 30 years. It incorporates the most advanced engineering and technological solutions for minimum energy consumption and reduction of pollutants emissions.

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